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- - Patch v1.4.5 Changelog
by Kyuukei
Sep, 23 1:09 PM
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Occasionally staff members will host tournaments. Kyuukei will also post here to announce any contests involving cash prizes!
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North City
North City, also known as Metro North, is one of the large metropolis capitals of Earth. It is surrounded by mountains and a forest.
- - Test
by Admin Guy
Sep, 23 1:41 PM
West City
West City (Nishi no Miyako) is a large megalopolis on Earth in the Dragon Ball series. Out of the 43 regions that the Earth is divided into, it is included in region 28.
- - Nature's Inverse
by Admin Guy
Sep, 22 5:37 PM
Orange Star City
Orange Star City is a city located north of Mount Paozu and south of East City.
- - Mysterious Happenings
by Ruben Seranus
Sep, 18 8:26 PM
East City
East City, also known as Metro East and the East Capital, is one of the main capitals of Earth.
- - Yet Another
by Tsuki Shiro
Sep, 22 5:26 AM
Central City
Central City is the main capital city of Earth and is where the king of the world resides.
- - Starting New (closed)
by Cilantra
Sep, 24 1:57 PM
South City
South City, is one of the five major capitals on Earth. It is located in the southeast part of the Southern Continent.
- - Another Encounter
by Garn Vao
Sep, 23 7:43 PM
Papaya Island
Papaya Island is a place on Earth, located east of the Southern Continent and west of the Tropical Islands. It is the location of the World Martial Arts Tournament. This island is named after the tropical fruit, the papaya.
- - Finals - Zuqetta vs Majunior!
by Zuqetta
Sep, 22 9:16 PM
Penguin Village
Penguin Village is a rural town on Gengoro Island.
- - Destruction to show power
by Artz
Sep, 22 7:30 PM
Yunzabit Highlands
Yunzabit Highlands is a place at the "end of the Earth". The climate is very cloudy and it has strong winds. It is said to be very barren and cold.
- - Definitely lost.....
by Arlic
Sep, 24 7:11 PM
Gizard Wasteland
Gizard Wasteland is a rocky wasteland on Earth, located northeast of Paprika Wasteland.
- - A strange land.
by Arlic
Sep, 20 8:45 PM
Paprika Wasteland
Paprika Wasteland is a place located northwest of Break Wasteland and southwest of West City. It is a barren wasteland coverd in tall mesas.
- - Unleashing the real power
by Konta
Sep, 23 1:37 AM
Break Wasteland
Break Wasteland is a vast wasteland filled with many dangerous animals and dinosaurs.
- - Encounter I
by Red Ribbon Soldier 2
Sep, 23 10:51 PM
The Oceans
Making up the vast majority of Earth, is it's oceans. Some fighters choose this to be their battle ground. Others go here to hang out by the beach.
- - Guidance
by Rhapsody Shade
Sep, 24 3:15 PM
Jingle Village
Jingle Village is a small village in the north, where it is snowy the entire time. It neighbors Muscle Tower, which - in the anime and manga - was one of the major bases of the Red Ribbon Army. Goku was brought there by Suno after the plane he was in crashed. After Goku took down Muscle Tower and saved the village, also rescuing the chief of the village, Android 8 decided to stay there.
- - Encounters II
by Yamyo
Sep, 24 7:22 PM
Diablo Desert
Diablo Desert is a giant, desolate desert on Mount Paozu. It was the home of Yamcha and Puar, who would both rob anybody who comes around of money or capsules.
- - Taking out the trash
by Admin Guy
Sep, 16 10:13 AM
Bamboo Forest
The Bamboo Forest is a jungle on Earth. It is located west of East City, east of the Spinach Wastes, and north of a heated desert.
- - Back to life.. For real!
by Lupo
Sep, 9 1:56 AM
Space Port
The Earth Space port is small and primitive by universal standards but it gets the job done.
- - Bye Bye
by Uudon
Aug, 19 12:57 PM
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The Capitol
The capitol is made up of tall bulbous skyscrapers outfitted with landing pods for Freeza's annexed followers to come and go as they please.
- - Shiva
by Chillax
Sep, 15 9:44 PM
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Maima Region
In the anime and manga, this is the place where Frieza's spaceship touched down on Planet Namek. Vegeta and Goku were healed here by medical machines aboard the ship. In the Viz translation, this place is called the Shell Region.
- - Encounters P.4
by Perfect Project
Jun, 8 2:40 AM
Moori's Village
The village governed by Moori, and Dende's home town. With a total population of 11, it is a village with a comparatively small number of people.
- - Just a quick landing
by Asidonii Olden
Jul, 15 1:25 PM
Grand Elder's House
A house is built upon a high rock on Planet Namek. It is where the Namekian Elder lives.
- - Nenrei
by Perfect Project
Jun, 9 4:47 AM
Tsuno's Village
The village governed by Tsuno. Its total population was 20 people.
- - The Dragon Clan 3
by Nenrei
Jun, 6 11:49 PM
Graim Meadow
A beautiful meadow covered by Ajisa.
- - Ilyria Automata
by Ilyria Alpha
Jul, 17 7:19 PM
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The Hub
The capitol city of Planet Plant. At night this city can be seen from low orbit as shining beacon.
- - Gureipa's Return, P1
by Keira Vao
Aug, 11 2:58 AM
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Outer Space
Space. 'Nuff said.
- - ---
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This is where the souls of the good reside. The planet is massive and covered with flowers and other plants. The planet resembles Earth, and has a strange glow around it. Everyone on the planet has a ghostly tail, as they have not been allowed to keep their bodies in death.
- - Manhunt
by Deku
Jul, 22 7:03 PM
Hell is a mountainous area located beneath Snake Way. Its salient feature is the "Bloody Pond" in Area 1, Sector 3, which true to its name is apparently composed of blood.
- - A Review
by Lupo
Sep, 20 12:04 AM
Check-In Station
The Check-In Station is a gateway between the physical plane of existence and the Other World. It serves as both King Yemma's palace and his office, where he passes judgement over dead souls, sending the good ones to Heaven and the bad ones to Hell. On rare occasions, more righteous and renown heroes are given their bodies back and sent on a journey across Snake Way to train with King Kaio.
- - Re-Re-Awakened
by Lupo
Sep, 9 1:18 AM
Snake Way
Also known as Serpent Road, Snake Way is a long, narrow, winding path, located in Other World, above Hell, which leads from King Yemma's palace to King Kai's planet, and is the only method of getting to the latter (other than teleporting).
- - Breaking Stasis
by Relgen
Aug, 27 5:32 PM
Test Area
For admin use only.
- - Test
by Admin Guy
Sep, 16 10:59 AM
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