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Code of Conduct
  • Do not spam. This includes advertising, posting one word posts, or irrelevant posts.
  • Respect other players and keep In Character issues from bothering you Out of Character. You and your character are two different people. If you have any issues, seek out an admin.
  • If you have a problem with another member, do not announce it. Notify a staff member or admin.
  • Do not cheat or abuse any glitches or bugs you find. This will result in a permanent or temporary ban, loss of character progression, or deletion of character.
  • Do not post hentai or inapproriate photos in the forum or as your character's portrait. Keep it PG-13.
  • Absolutely no trolling.
  • Account names without proper capitalization or with numbers will be ignored and deleted.
  • Absolutely no drama on forum or in Discord.
  • Do not discuss politics.
  • Do not ask for private information from other members.
  • As a player of our RPG, to many; you represent our playerbase. As a player, and potentially a member of other RPs, you are expected to follow their code of conduct or any rules they have as well while role playing on their site. Should you fall out of line on another site (affiliate or otherwise), your actions will have consequences here as well.
  • Threats of real world physical violence is taken very seriously. Offending players will be immediately banned. Permanently.
  • In order to prevent personal grudges, and enforce our no drama policy, players are able to block certain players from voting their character biographies in and from grading their threads. This includes staff, with the exception of the admin and co-admins.
  • Should you have an issue, you can report it anonymously. Regular staff members will NOT be able to view who reported the accused, save for the admin and co-admins. Should a co-admin or staff member be reported, your identity and the report will be shielded from that co-admin or staff member, and handled by the admin and co-admin not involved.

Role Play
  • Profanity is allowed, but try not to go overboard.
  • Sexually explitic role play is not allowed.
  • Reusing previous posts is prohibited. This includes and is not limited to; a complete carbon-copy or a slightly altered iteration.
  • Sexually suggestive themes are not allowed with underaged characters or players.
  • Do not "bunny" other people's characters. Bunnying is the act of role playing out another player's actions for them. You do not control the actions or decisions of other players.
  • All role play posts must be a minimum of one hundred words.
  • You can not role play in more than one thread at a time.
  • In role play threads, you must post at least once every 48 hours. When 48 hours pass, the next players in line can choose to skip you and take your turn.
  • Notify a staff member if Roshi steals your porno mags.
  • Race changes can not and will not occur outside Dragonball wishes.
  • You are free to mark a thread as closed to prevent anyone from participating. However, if an outside player has any
    reason to interact with any of the characters in the closed thread then they are more than welcome to enter.
  • If you have more than one character, then they can not be in the same thread.
  • Griefing is strictly not tolerated.
  • Comic relief characters are perfectly fine, and joke characters are fine too, but if you're being annoying for the sake
    of being annoying then this may result in a warning or loss of character progress.
  • This is a sandbox role play. Just like in real life; events, character interactions, resolutions, and storylines may
    not go the way you had initially planned. We have a zero tolerance policy for players who; guilt trip, grow outraged,
    and/or rage quit a thread when things do not go their way.
  • Your character is limited to the skills, abilities, items and racials available to them by the game mechanics. Attire and character appearance is an exception to this ruling, so long as they offer no function other than aesthetics.

  • Your character can not have any relation to canon characters.
  • Try to avoid making any Mary-Sue characters.
  • Your character isn't famous or renown. You must earn fame.
  • Do not sign up as a character from another series; No Jojo, you don't exist here.
  • All role play must be consistent with the Dragonball Z universe and our lore.
  • Do not include any direct involvement with original characters or otherwise without their permission in your character's background.
  • Do not include any direct involvement with the Dragonballs in your character's background.
  • We do not operate in liquid time. We operate in linear time. Certain events will cause time to pass.

Destruction Scale

  • There are a few limits that restrict the amount of environmental destruction your character can cause, and how much they can lift in weight, and how fast your character can move. You can view these exact numbers (weight your character can push, pull and lift) along with how fast your character can move in the "Statistics" page in the player hub.
  • At a battle power of 100, your character is capable of destroying an entire city block.
  • At a battle power of 300, your character is capable of destroying an entire city.
  • At a battle power of 1,000, your character is capable of destroying an entire continent.
  • At a battle power of 5,000, your character is capable of destroying a small (Luna sized) world.
  • At a battle power of 15,000, your character is capable of destroying a medium (Earth) sized world.
  • At a battle power of 350,000, your character is capable of destroying a large (Sadla) sized world.
  • At a battle power of 1,000,000, your character is capable of destroying a huge (Namek) sized world.
  • Just because you are able to commit catastraphic destruction, doesn't mean you should (your character must have apropriate reasoning to commit such an act). Lesser destruction (destruction of a city, or city block) can be done almost instantaneously; however large scale and catastraphic scale destruction such as destroying continenets and entire worlds require very powerful (and specifically tagged) Tier 5 and up scale skills. These skills are projectiles, and slow moving; allowing other characters to intervene.
  • Attempting to reign destruction on innocent people, destroying cities, or even worlds has devestating consequences for your character. Commiting such a heinous act, will 100% guarantee, cause your character to be hunted down by characters of different alignments, and scales of power; if not for revenge or justice, then for the devestation you may have brought to their economy or every day lives. If you accept these consequences, then by all means; proceed. Not to imply we don't like vile, evil, dispicable characters like these; we simply want you to think carefully before you act, and are full well aware of the consequence for your characters actions that will follow.


  • Staff members are not allowed to vote in other staff member's character biographies or threads.
    (This is hard coded in, but I felt the need to include this so players can see.)
  • Staff members are expected to have a friendly and positive attitude towards other players and staff.
  • Dragonball Ultimate Journey Reborn has a very strict zero drama policy. The staff are expected to break up
     arguments quickly, while remaining neutral. All arguments and debates must take part privately among the staff
    and players involved.
  • DBUJR is a sandbox role play at it's core. Staff members are not to use their influence or power in order
     to manipulate or force player character's to bow to their every whim, or cause things to go a certain way
     because that is how they intended it to go. Abusing your power in any shape or form will not only cause
    your privelages to be taken away - you may end up banned as well.
  • In the end, only the admins or co-admins have the final say in any disputes or the final forms of punishment
     towards offending players and staff.
  • Staff members are expected to remain neutral at all times; should you have a personal history
    (positive or otherwise) you must deligate handling any issue with a player (whom you have a personal history with)
     to another staff member who does not have a personal history with said player. Should all staff have a
    personal history with the offending player, the issue will be handled by the admin and co-admins.
  • Should any dispute require the handling of the admin and co-admins, the result of the dispute will be
    determined by majority rule. Not even the admin can overturn this.
  • Co-admins and admins alike are to respect the anonymity of anonymous players in reports.
    The identity of the anonymous players must stay within the circle of co-admins.






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