Age 752, March

Patch v1.4.5 Changelog
  • Players can now give zeni to one another.
  • Scripting for player housing has been started.
  • Minor bugfixes.

Posted by Kyuukei @Sep 23 1:09 PM

Patch v1.4.2 Changelog
  • Bug Fixes
    • The bug causing the death event to not erase your active quest has been fixed.
    • The bug causing your active quest not to reset when traveling from one planet to another has been fixed.
    • The bug causing HP to miscalculate after a transformation has ended has been fixed.
    • The bug causing buff checks not to run correctly on AI  since the buff check revamp should be fixed now.
    • The bug causing loot items to drop with a +0 should be fixed now.
    • Restrained should now work as intended.
  • Changes
    • Senzu Beans have been removed from the loot table and item shop in preparation for professions. They are far to common to obtain right now.
    • The items "First Aid Spray" and "Greater First Aid Spray" have been added to the item shop.
  • Race Changes
    • Bio Android
      • The Majin racial High Speed Regeneration for Bio-Androids has had it's effectiveness boosted to 50%. (Up from 25%)

Posted by Kyuukei @Sep 19 1:27 PM

Patch v1.4.1 Changelog
  • HP for transformations have been boosted.
  • Raid Boss HP generation has been nerfed.
  • The quest bug causing AI not to spawn should be fixed now.

Posted by Kyuukei @Sep 18 6:59 PM



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