Age 749, October

Patch v1.2.0 Changelog
  • Kaioken has been added.
  • False Moon has been added.
  • XP rates for all thresholds have been nerfed. See  game guide > ability scores for more details.
  • Thread lists, and active threads will now show what quest is in that particular thread.
  • Each thread now shows what day and time it was posted on.
  • Due to an exploit with thresholds, players are no longer able to post until all of their exp has been spent.
  • Constitution buffs now raise your maximum hit points. However, if you've taken damage, your current hit points will only raise to a percentage of your new maximum. For instance,  if you have 100 max hit points, and currently have 50 (that's 50% obviously). Let's say you get a buff that increases your max hit points to 200. This would increase your current hit points to 100. This allows hit points to scale with the massive power boosts (and damage) player characters will get later. (Super Saiyan, Kaioken, etc etc).
  • There is now a quest called "Second Chances" in Other World, which you can complete and get resurrected. I will no longer be handing out  revivals.
  • The restriction on spending xp while in combat has been removed universally.
  • Looting a corpse or unconscious player should now function as intended.
  • Using battle items now gives a proper battle flavor box like attacks do.
  • Players can now give items to other players with the Quick Action.
  • Several new quests were added.
  • Fixed an exploit where you are able to leave a thread and re-enter it.

Posted by Kyuukei @Jan 14 1:43 PM

Patch v1.1.0 Changelog
  • The Quest System has been finished, but several quests are going to be added every day through out the week.
    • Quest Types
      • Repeatable Quests: Repeatable Quests can be completed once a week, and are reset at midnight on Tuesday server time. Some repeatable quests can only be unlocked by completing a quest chain.
      • One Time Quests:  These quests can only be completed once and tend to unlock more difficult quests.Raid Ques
      • Raid Quests: These quests are DANGEROUS events that can only be completed once a week, and usually require four players.
      • Story Raid Quests (Coming Patch v1.2): These quests are first come first served. You and up to 5 players will be tasked with defeating a very difficult opponent!
    • Quest Rewards include:
      • Skills that you can only get from quests.
      • Item rewards.
      • Title rewards.
      • Feat rewards that you can only get from quests. (These will include transformations.)

Posted by Kyuukei @Dec 26 5:53 PM

Patch v1.0.5 Changelog
  • Bug Fixes
    • Cursed debuffs should desolve from a rest as intended.
    • Stunned Immunity should now proc as intended.
    • Skills that have no target should now show the user's portrait twice instead of the portrait of the last character attacked.
    • Multi-action skills should no longer target one more person than intended. Let me know if it does it again. It's a hard bug to track down.
  • No Limits!
    • The bp cap has been lifted and a new system has been put into place, here's how it works!
    • Introducing "Thresholds":  Thresholds are basically points in your progression where you can no longer level up your ability scores and have to focus on your three secondary ability scores (focus, endurance, discipline). Once you've capped at least one of focus or discipline along with endurance, then you unlock the next threshold!
    • 400, 1k, 10k, 100k, 1m. These are each of the threshold maximums. If you are the first to reach a threshold, then you increase the xp rates in which everyone gains xp!  This means that no one will be left behind, and newer players won't struggle to catch up.
    • You can read more about this change at the bottom of this page:
  • The combat section of the game guide has been updated.
  • The ability score section of the game guide has been updated.
  • A maximum player setting has been added to thread creation.
  • The Random Encounter System has been added! You can now go toe to toe with enemy AI! All you need to do is enable encounters on a new post and reach the max player cap you set for your thread and npcs will spawn ready to fight!

Posted by Kyuukei @Dec 24 7:19 PM



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