Age 752, February

Patch 1.2.15 Changelog
  • The Tuffle exclusive Speed and Genki pill quests are no longer repeatable.
  • The Genki Pill's description has been changed to express it's function appropriately.
  • Healer's Resolve has been redesigned: When using Healer's Resolve, the user's strength, dexterity, genki and charisma will be reduced by 95% for the duration of the thread. However, the feat will be useable again every five rounds allowing the healer to bring their ki to 100% more than once while retaining the debuff. This also prevents the feat from being used by anyone who isn't specced for healing.
  • The skills Regenerate and Superior Regeneration should now work as intended.
  • Life Drain has been reduced to healing 25% of damage done. Down from 50%.
  • Recovering from a stun effect now restores 10% of your ki.
  • The bug that caused the incorrect icons to appear next to threads in "Active Threads" list has been fixed.
  • The Active Threads page now show the planet where the thread is occuring.

Posted by Aiko Tanaka @Aug 12 3:01 PM

Hotfixes (Patch v1.2.14)
  • The battle text for summon artifact weapon has been fixed.
  • Healer's Resolve was not working as intended but has been fixed. Any HP lost due to the miscalculated damage has been corrected.
  • Sense Alignment now works as intended.
  • The bug that caused buffs and debuffs to sometimes tick twice has been fixed.
  • First Aid Spray has been buffed to 100 per item quality. (up from 5).
  • The item "Greater First Aid Spray" has been added. This heals 200 HP per item quality.

Posted by Aiko Tanaka @Jul 25 11:41 PM

Patch 1.2.13 Changelog
  • The bug causing the racial "Hidden Gadget" not to function has been fixed.
  • The item shop has been slightly optimized.
  • The tier 3 skill and buff "Greater Barrier" has been added which adds the buff "Greater Barrier", this buff lasts two rounds.
  • The skill tier 5 "Ultimate Barrier" has been added. This skill adds the buff "barrier" to up to 3 targets for one round.
  • Blessings of Genki, Shouki, Strength and Dexterity have been moved to tier 1. (Down from tier 3.)
  • Greater Blessing of Genki, Strength, Dexterity, Shouki. This tier 3 skill adds 25% of the user's shouki to the target's given stat.
  • The skill Cure Poison has been moved to tier 0. (Down from tier 3)
  • The skill Mass Cure Poison has been moved to tier 1. (Down from tier 4).
  • The skill Cure Petrification has been moved to tier 0. (Down from tier 4).
  • The skill "Calm Mind" has been moved to tier 0. (Down from tier 4.)
  • The skill "Remove Curse" has been moved to tier 0. (Down from tier 4.)
  • The "shipyards" shop to purchase ships has been finished thus making the new ship and travel system now 33% complete. All that is left for it is to code in the travel system and add upgrades to the shipyards shop for ships.

Posted by Aiko Tanaka @Jul 22 4:33 PM



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