Age 750, January

Patch 1.2.9 Changelog
  • Passive regeneration no longer procs when hit points are 0 or less.
  • The bug that caused battle items to miscalculate has been fixed. If you are currently having an issue with your battle item count, please post in the #bug_reports channel on discord.
  • The bug that caused issues with the script miscalculating feat counts when listing unlisted feats has been fixed.
  • The bug that prevented tier 5 heals from removing certain injuries has been fixed.
  • Protect has been temporarily removed (along with buffs associate with it).
  • Dynamic Entry tokens now reset once a month.
  • The debug integers for Persistance has been removed.
  • The time forward system has been added. On the first of every month, time will move forward a month. However, this does NOT reward downtime tokens as this is just a natural flow of time not a time skip.
  • At character creation you can now select your character's birth month. If you already have a character, you may select one in "Edit Profile". Keep in mind you have a very short window to do this because the time skip will be happening in a couple of weeks. If you do not select a birth month by mid-May,  you will miss out on downtime activities and tokens!
  • The bug that was causing AI to punch a blank character should be fixed now.

Posted by Aiko Tanaka @May 12 10:46 AM

Patch 1.2.8 Changelog
  • Skills & Feats
    • Makaioken and Kaioken were nerfed:
      • x2: 10% chance of injury.
      • x3: 12.5% chance of injury.
      • x4: 16.6% chance of injury.
      • x10: 25% chance of injury.
      • x20: 50% chance of injury.
    • Suppressing to 5% now hides you from scouters and sensing.
    • Flavortext for stun removal battle items has been changed.
  • Races
    • Arcosian
      • Planet Freeza 79 has been added.
      • Two quests that unlock Transformation 1 and Transformation 2 for Arcosians has been added to Planet Freeza 79. Each have a 500 BP and 2,000 BP requirement.
      • Each quest awards "the Tyrant" title and "Lord" title.
    • Bio-Android
      • Absorption now causes a debuff called "Horrified" which reduces the target's stats by 50% for 30 rounds.
    • Demon
      • Demon passive regeneration was fixed.
    • Vampire
      • Vampire melee attack regeneration was fixed.
  • Reward logs now show how many words you contributed to the overall wc of a thread.
  • Players can now abandon quests.
  • Three new titles were added. "the Rookie", "the Novice", and "the Fighting Genius". All can be unlocked by reaching (in order) threshold 1, threshold 2 and threshold 3.
  • The quest "Senzu Beans" was added for those who have completed The Tower #1. This will allow you to collect a senzu bean from Korin once a week.
  • Failing a quest will now remove the quest from your active quest variable.
  • Bug Fixes
    • The bug that caused Kaioken and Makaioken to sometimes not cause damage during it's use has been fixed.
    • The bug that caused Makaioken x4 not to fall off when using it again has been fixed.
    • The bug that caused XP reward for questso display improperly for player characters at the current threshold has been fixed.

Posted by Admin Guy @Apr 24 12:23 PM

Patch 1.2.7 Changelog
  • Races
    • Demon
      • The demon buff "Crimson Glow" now offers two perks:
        •  A 1% passive heall which stacks with any other regeneration effects.
        • All damage dealt to a character with Crimson Glow is reduced by 10%.
    • Namekian
      • The Namekain exclusive feat "Enlarge" has been added, along with the quest to learn it "Size Matters". It's available on planet Namek and requires a BP of 3,000 to unlock. This quest also rewards the title "the Namekian Warrior".
  • New Feature!: Dynamic Entry System
    • Occassionally you might find yourself desiring to enter a thread that's full, rather it be to play with a friend or to help someone in need. That's where the Dynamic Entry system comes in. Dynamic Entry allows you to enter threads regardless if it's quest thread or a thread that's already full. However, you only get one weekly use of Dynamic Entry, so use it wisely!
  • Bug Fixes
    • The bug that caused bio-android's racials to reset after absorbing an npc should now be fixed.
    • The bug that caused XP bonuses to calculate the old way has been fixed.
    • The bug that was causing double posting for regular attack actions should be fixed now. Let me know if it's still happening.
    • The bug that allowed players to double attack while hiding has been fixed. Hiding is once again available.
    • The bug that counted feats learned from quests as used slots has been fixed.
    • The bug that allowed players to complete quests even though they were over their daily reward limit has been fixed.
    • The bug that rewarded "refer-a-friends" XP for quests completed beyond the daily thread cap has been fixed.
    • The battle item "Vial of Crimson" should work as  intended.

Posted by Tamaya @Apr 14 3:05 PM



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