Age 749, October

Returned from Hiatus

After a short hiatus, I've returned and am ready to fix bugs and add features to the site once again. I request all bugs to be reported once again to the #bug_reports channel on discord (even if they were already reported in #issues) . Through out this week (or as long as it takes) I will be focusing on fixing bugs and polishing existing features rather than adding them.

I needed a little time to clear my head and adjust to the new job's streinuous hours. Working 80+ hours a week in addition to maintaining a site was just a little too much for me. Work has slowed down quite a bit and I've finally adjusted. Updates will be more periodic, as they were during the first stages of our launch and beta tests. In addition to bug fixes, I will be working towards releasing small patches that will lead up to v2.0.

Here are a few features I intend on adding through out the week:

  • Stun effects are going to be removed from the game and replaced with different effects. What those are remains undetermined at this time.
  • The item shop will have a weekly purge in order to clean it up.
  • If a post hasn't been replied to in over a week, the system will automatically review it.
  • The flee mechanic will be making it's return along with flee related feats. However, players will have the option to leave a thread instantly at any time, but lose all potential rewards.
  • A weekly quest cap will be put into effect.
  • Diminishing returns: Every time you do a solo quest or solo thread consecutively, the next time you complete one, you will recieve 25% less exp up to 75%.
  • Max players caps (outside quests for now) will be used as guidelines. Players will be able to join vanilla threads even if the cap has been reached.
  • In order to add more immersion, and stick true to the way DBZ battles are done, a ki mechanic will be added to compliment ki slots. You must build ki in order to use skills, and the amount spent depends on the tier. Tier 1 - 10%, Tier 2 - 25%, Tier 3 - 50%, Tier 4 - 75%, Tier 5 - 100%. How ki will be built up remains to be determined.
  • A script that will remove dragonballs from inactive players will be added. This script will remove your dragonball and place it back in the "wild", if you do not post for a week.

Posted by Kyuukei @Mar 18 12:14 PM

Patch v1.2.1 Changelog
  • 36 hour and 60 hour pacing options have been added to threads.
  • Normal threads can now have up to 8 players.
  • 10 unique players are now required to reach a threshold to unlock the next. This allows time for other players to catch up.
  • Players can now have up to 14 characters. That's one for each race.
  • The protect action has been added as a main action. When ever you protect another character, all attacks that would be inflicted up on that particular character will be deligated to you. This action has not been tested. Let me know if it has any issues.
  • The riposte bug has been fixed.

Posted by Kyuukei @Jan 21 10:28 AM

Patch v1.2.0 Changelog
  • Kaioken has been added.
  • False Moon has been added.
  • XP rates for all thresholds have been nerfed. See  game guide > ability scores for more details.
  • Thread lists, and active threads will now show what quest is in that particular thread.
  • Each thread now shows what day and time it was posted on.
  • Due to an exploit with thresholds, players are no longer able to post until all of their exp has been spent.
  • Constitution buffs now raise your maximum hit points. However, if you've taken damage, your current hit points will only raise to a percentage of your new maximum. For instance,  if you have 100 max hit points, and currently have 50 (that's 50% obviously). Let's say you get a buff that increases your max hit points to 200. This would increase your current hit points to 100. This allows hit points to scale with the massive power boosts (and damage) player characters will get later. (Super Saiyan, Kaioken, etc etc).
  • There is now a quest called "Second Chances" in Other World, which you can complete and get resurrected. I will no longer be handing out  revivals.
  • The restriction on spending xp while in combat has been removed universally.
  • Looting a corpse or unconscious player should now function as intended.
  • Using battle items now gives a proper battle flavor box like attacks do.
  • Players can now give items to other players with the Quick Action.
  • Several new quests were added.
  • Fixed an exploit where you are able to leave a thread and re-enter it.

Posted by Kyuukei @Jan 14 1:43 PM



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